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Birdscapes 2-in-1 Triple Tube Feeder is a versitility master

Ok here we go again, this time I want to review the triple tube bird feeder, the name is Birdscapes Triple Tube 2-in-1 Feeder Perky Pet, now this is a feeder for serious bird feeders. It has nine feeding ports, and triple seed reservoir, its size and versatility makes it worth in any season. This feeder has extra-large capacity with multiple tubes, that can easily give access to 9-10 birds at the same time, triple tube design gives you versatility of seed, and what bird you want to attract. Birdscapes 2 in 1 is build with solid construction, with protective cover and tray to catch seeds and hulls. Easy removable lid makes it easy to clean and refill.

The size and weight of the feeder may not be suitable for every bird feeder, it is one of the larger feeders on the market, and its size may be inconvenient to some. Also the plastic tubes can show wear and color loss over time, and plastic lid screw on top that hold it can loosen after time.

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Birdscapes 2-in-1 Triple Tube Feeder gives more capacity 

The feeder has capacity of 11lbs (5 kg) and versatility of seeds give you time to look at the birds more, with less refilling, this is a welcome feature, it basically gives you three tubes, and three different seed choice to fill in side. That is going to attract so much more bird types than regular tube feeders. For the novice bird feeder this can look almost to much at first look, but anyone familiar with bird feeding know this is a plus,  as birds can eat the seed fast.   Nine feeding ports – three on each tube – give birds of any size ample space for feeding, also upper tubes have 2-inch perches for larger songbirds, however this can attract large bully birds to the feeding, but because the feeder has separate reservoirs the seed loss can me taken to minimum


The feeding ports can easily switch from larger seeds to mix seeds , or small seeds, this is a great feature that gives you more flexibility in different seasons, as birds can change from season to season. Metal ports are coated to be durable, and will last, it is equipped with ventilaton system to  keep seed dry, and prevent mold , that can harm the birds. The feeder is made with plastic tray base to catch fallen seed, and drain holes for water in case of rain. This plastic tray can be used by birds to perch on it.

The design of the Birdscapes Triple Tube 2-in-1 Feeder is made for the people that wants to refill less, and watch more, and it is doing its job, but in the same time more holes brings more birds, so the birds can still finish it at moderate time, but you will refill less that with classic tube feeder. Feeder has a clear dome of sturdy plastic that is protection for birds perching, and a mild baffle for squirrels, refilling is fast and easy. But its screw can wear out after lost of use, so remove it carefully to bring this to the minimum. The feeder is easy to hang from the small hook on the top

Is it Squirrel proof?

This triple bird feeder is equipped with a squirrel baffle. It is a plastic shaped dome that is installed on the top of the feeder. This plastic dome serves as a protection if a squirrel comes down from the top using a rope or a chain where the feeder is hanged on.

Now this will help prevent squirrels from coming down and eating the seed, but it is not %100 success rate. Squirrels are intelligent and will try to find other ways to reach the feeder. One way is to jump from the ground and on the feeder, if the squirrel manages to do that it can damage the feeder by chewing on it. Other way is to try to jump from the sides, maybe by using a branch, or some other object placed close to the feeder like a pole or a fence. To prevent this place a feeder higher from the ground, and away from any such objects. As this feeder is plastic this is a MUST if you want to preserve it from the squirrel teeth.

What birds will come to this feeder?

The great thing about this Birdscapes 2-in-1 Triple Tube Feeder  is that you options in attracting more variety of birds are triple. If you want to maximize this you can fill it with:

1.  Black-oil sunflower

This seed will be favored by cardinals, titmice, nuthatches, grosbeaks, finches etc. You will attract lots of birds with sunflower seed , it’s a favorite seed of lots of wild birds. Maybe the most favorite of all seeds.

2. Nyjer (niger or thistle)

Goldfinches, house and purple finches, and siskins are extremely fond of this type of seed and will select it and come to the bird feeder, this birds eat this seed in preference to most other foods out there.

3. Peanuts

You can fill one tube with whole or crushed peanuts , these are popular with woodpeckers, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, wrens, kinglets, northern mockingbirds, brown thrashers, starlings, jays, and certain warblers. These birds will happily fly to the feeders that offer peanuts and stick around.

4. Seed “Mix” or Blend

 This is the cheapest generic mix that is easy to find, but it is not the best choice, as the mix seed are not targeting to a specific type of birds lots of the seed is going to stay uneaten or fall on the ground as the birds dig thru it to get the one they like.

Cleaning the feeder

To clean this triple bird feeder it is best to use warm water and some dish washer detergent. Hand wash it only and use some kind of a small brush if it is dirty. You can put it in a bath tub and spray it with a shower hose if you like. Just make sure you rinse all of the detergent out and dry it properly after washing.   You don’t have to wash it often, just do a visual check if it looks dirty, or if lots of the birds droppings are  on the feeder, than it is a good time to wash.One more thing you have to check is for mold and water, after rain check if there is some water inside the feeder, so the seed is not getting damp. This can poison the birds


This feeder is heavy and must be placed in the right place. I recommend that you place this bird feeder in some place away from the heavy wind. In a storm because it is so heavy the hook that holds a feeder can snap and will fall down to the ground. This will damage the feeder as it is made of plastic.

Some of the users have mentioned the plastic threaded top was flimsy and broke easily, however, this can be prevented if you fill the feeder properly. The top of the feeder screws off in a counterclockwise manner, the same as most other multiple tube feeders out there. Make sure you are gentle when doing this and you'll be fine. If you force it this will damage the screw after some time and it will snap. The feeder holds a good amount of seed so this gives extra weight to the feeder and in wind this is what can damage the hook. I recommend you fill the feeder up to one third and not more if you cannot find a place away from high wind. This will make you refill more often but that is preferable than the feeder falling down.

If squirrels are allowed to jump on the feeder and spin it around this will unscrew the top and will fall down on the ground, one more reason to place it away from squirrels.  

The other solution is to mount a feeder on a pole, this will solve the problem, there is a bottom mounting hole for this.

Editors ratings:

7.4 out of 10 stars 

This triple feeder is bigger size , and can look scary for novice feeder, but versatility and its capacity is a plus, and will attract serious bird users, the birds are going to love it, just make sure you place it  far away from the tree branches so squirrels don’t jump on it. All in all if you want more then one feeder in one design this is a good idea, and will bring you lots of great bird watching.


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